A recording studio comprises of a studio where the actual recording is done, a control room where the music is manipulated and machine room where noisy instruments are kept so that there are no disturbances while recording. The whole studio is designed in such a way to create music without any noise hindrance with sound proof walls.

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 Studio RTA Producer Station
Studio Trends 46in DeskZ-Line Cyrus Workstation
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Why is a Home Recording Studio Desk Required?

Musicians cannot keep juggling between home and studios every time they wanted to practice or record the music. It would hinder their flow of thoughts. And few musicians prefer to create music at home in a relaxed environment.That’s when home recording studio comes to existence. A musician or anyone who is interested in recording their music would require a perfect environment for it. All the features of a studio are replicated at home.

Problems Faced in a Home Studio without a Desk

Imagine a studio without a desk – with instruments and cables all around the room how can anyone be productive? This would be the most disorganized workstation. That will never be productive. Every job has deadlines and expectations on the quality submitted. More than that, primary satisfaction will never be there for any musician in a disorganized workstation. Each instrument and piece of equipment (keyboards, monitors, computers, sound mixers and controllers, loudspeakers) has its own functionality and requires a perfect location in the home studio. If not placed correctly, the performance is seriously affected.

How To Choose The Best Recording Studio Desk

When we try to recreate a recording studio at home, infrastructure plays a very vital role. There are many huge instruments and electrical equipment that need to be organized to perform the job. Most important investment while setting up a home recording studio is the desk. This desk would hold most of the huge instruments like the sound recorder, mixing console, multi-track recorder, keyboards, monitors, speakers. Basically whatever the musician requires should be available at his finger tip.That calls for an organized workstation to produce the best result. Only a perfect recording desk can aid a well-maintained studio.

There are many types of desks available in the market. Below is the description about six types of home recording studio desk. Based on their pros and cons and the musician’s requirement, the best desk can be selected.

Recording Studio Desk Reviews

Studio RTA Producer Station

Are you looking for a desk that can hold more instruments and keep you away from the mess? This desk would work very well for you.This is a very efficient, practical and productive music recording desk. It can accommodate most of your instruments since it has more racks and you can also customize its design.


  • Efficient and huge workspace.
  • It comprises of 26-1/4” sliding keyboard facility which is the most attractive feature.
  • It has dual racks of 20” size which helps to accommodate most of the instruments.
  • It has a strong steel base structure with a laminated wooden top.
  • Locking casters are also available.
  • It can be customized according to the user’s needs.


  • Very efficient desk.
  • It can accommodate all your instruments
  • Extra racks can also be fitted if required. That gives the ability to customize the design.
  • The cables management is good, and it aids in tangle free desk.
  • Easy to move due to the presence of locking castors.
  • Decent cost. It’s not a very expensive deal.


  • It’s heavy. So might require help while shifting.
  • Assembling it might take a while.
  • Due its massive structure, it requires more space and cannot fit a small room.
  • Product quality is average.

Z-Line Cyrus Workstation

If you are looking for an efficient desk for a small room and which can hold a large keyboard and monitors (maybe even two), this compact and elegant work desk is a good deal. The wide sliding keyboard tray is a definite star feature for this desk.


  • It has a wide sliding keyboard tray
  • It has a sturdy top shelf made of glass.
  • Locking castors are available to ease mobility.
  • It’s made of tempered glass and steel.
  • It provides a contemporary and elegant look.


  • The wide sliding keyboard tray accommodates a large 88 key controller.
  • Castors make it portable.
  • It’s very efficient.
  • It’s very compact and fits a small room too.
  • Cost effective


  • It does not have any drawers.
  • It’s not scratch or stain resistant.
  • Since the top is made of glass, it needs extra care. This feature affects its durability.
  • Its design cannot be customized
  • Monitor stand is not of a high quality.

Since it is not very durable, many users are unhappy with the desk. A lot of users has complained about the monitor stand especially since it gets damage when heavier instruments are placed on it. This desk is not recommended for users with many instruments.

On Stage WS7500 Wood Workstation – Rosewood, Black Steel

If you are looking for a decent product for a cheap price, then this is the right solution. It solves most of your problems like a disorganized workspace.


  1. The base is made of steel tubing.
  2. There are three racks for you to arrange your items. Top rack, desktop rack and sliding keyboard rack.
  3. It has laminated upper body surface.
  4. Dimensions are 43”W * 30” D and height of the topmost rack is 37.5”, desktop rack is 29” and keyboard rack is 25”


  • Compact and efficient desk
  • It comes at a low price for its size and other features.
  • Making the electrical connections is convenient.
  • It’s very easy to assemble.


  • It’s cheap quality.
  • The base cannot support Massive instrument. Might not satisfy your need.
  • It not durable.
  • It is not easily movable.

This has a similar feedback as of Z-Line Cyrus Workstation since both the products have similar disadvantages. This product can be used when there is less number of instruments. The heavier instruments might hamper the desk. Since it’s made a cheap quality material, it’s not durable and hence not recommended for users with many instruments.

Studio Trends 46″ Desk

This is a huge and elegant desk. It’s customizable height feature is the main advantage of this desk. It is user-friendly. But at the same time not durable.


  • It has a 46” wide wooden top.
  • Caster is available for easy mobility
  • Dimensions: 46”W * 36-1/2”D * height of the top rack is 37-3/4”, height to the main table top is 29 -1/2.”
  • Height can be customized according to user requirement.
  • Cable ports are available which hides the wires


  • The desktop is wide enough for monitors and speaker.
  • Moving due to the presence of caster locks is easy.
  • It has an aesthetic look.
  • Its user-friendly since the height can be adjusted as per the user’s needs.
  • It’s easy to assemble
  • It’s in nominal rate.


  • This requires a large space.
  • Its component’s quality is not very high. Hence durability is less.
  • It’s easy to move, but frequent movements would cause damage.

This works well for users who gives importance to looks and does not have heavy instruments. This fails in durability which is one of the most important factors to select a product.

AZ Studio Workstations – Composer Workstation Desk

This desk has a very elegant and beautiful design. That’s the most appreciated feature of this product. The inbuilt keyboard shelf design is very useful and gives an organized look. The instruments are easily accessible since the desk has a definite space for all.


  • It has a build in keyboard shelf which enables easy usage.
  • Its height can be customized in three different positions
  • Top shelf has 4 rack spaces for accommodating your instrument.
  • Dimensions: 60″ W X 28 D X 31 1/4 H
  • Made of very high-quality PVC molding


  • It’s very comfortable and enhances the recording experience.
  • The inbuilt keyboard shelf is large enough to hold 88-bit keyboard.
  • Compact and aesthetic look
  • It’s a clutter free desk
  • It’s robust and sturdy. Hence very durable.
  • It’s easy to assemble.


  • It’s very expensive compared to all the other home recording studio desks
  • It’s not easily movable.

This desk is a very luxurious one. If the user can afford it, then this can easily take the first place to recommend. Except for the price, all the other features make it an excellent product.

Omnirax Presto Studio Desk

This desk can be used for accommodating almost your entire studio. It’s gigantic and is the best recording studio desk option when you have a big room to play with.


  • The desk is large enough to accommodate keyboards, controllers, mixers and much more.
  • Its dimensions are 55.9″W *31.38″ D* 33.63″ H
  • It’s got 2 bays and 4 Rackspace in each bay
  • Castors are provided
  • Cable management is easier.


  • It’s very durable and design for heavy duty.
  • It’s an organized, clutter-free desk with space for all your instruments.
  • Moving due to castors is easy.
  • Electrical connections and cable management are easier.
  • It also looks very elegant.


  • It’s tedious to assemble.
  • It occupies large space hence not suitable for a small room.

The customer feedback has been excellent. For users who cannot afford an AZ Studio Workstation, they can always buy this product since most of the features are present in this desk at a more affordable price.
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