Best Recording Studio Desk for the Money

A recording studio comprises of a studio where the actual recording is done, a control room where the music is manipulated and machine room where noisy instruments are kept so that there are no disturbances while recording. The whole studio is designed in such a way to create music without any noise hindrance with sound … Read more

Best Microphone Preamp for the Money

A preamp is one of the most underrated pieces of equipment of a studio. A preamp performs the task of taking an audio input and giving it proper sonic shape and sonic definition before the signal reaches the amplifier. This ensures that the audio signal is in its optimum shape and form and can be … Read more

Best Laptop for Music Production

Without a measure of doubt, the most important tech piece in a home recording studio is a laptop. Its importance is unrivaled, and when you note that it is time to get a home recording studio laptop, you should endeavor to get the best.   There are two core reasons why you should get the … Read more

Best Recording Microphones

If you are contemplating getting a new microphone, there are a number of features and factors that you will have to take into account. Acquiring knowledge about the specifications that need to be checked, and the features that you need to pay attention to will ensure that you purchase a microphone that is apt for … Read more

Best Studio Headphones for the Money

Perhaps the most important understanding to have is that the best studio headphones are headphones that are designed from the ground-up for one purpose only—studio usage. Therefore, that quality 3-figure earbud headphone that you can’t seem to stop yapping about wouldn’t cut it in the studio space. It is like a square peg in a … Read more

Best Studio Monitors for the Money

If you are familiar with computer monitors but unfamiliar with pro audio speak, brace up for shock number one. A studio monitor is not a screen; it is a speaker of sorts used in studios of different types from home studios to television studios. Which leads to shock number two; there is a world of … Read more

How I soundproofed my music studio

If you�re a musician like me, you�ve probably gotten a complaint or two at some point during your recording career.�It�s pretty much impossible to avoid!�Either the neighbors hear you and eventually confront you about the noise, or you�ve got a habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time with your guitar. At … Read more

Best Microphone Stands for 2019

I think I know what you�re thinking. Best Microphone Stands? Really?! Wouldn�t a basic, affordable mic stand at the local mart do? Even if you do not follow the same thought process, the reality is that for most people, a microphone stand is nowhere near the top of their list of equipment to be concerned … Read more

Dynamic Vs Condenser Microphone

difference between a dynamic and a condenser

Finding and selecting the ideal microphone for your home recording studio is vital if you want to improve the sound quality. If your microphone can capture the sound clearly and accurately, you don’t need to invest a lot of time and effort into post-production to get the sound you need. In short, getting the right … Read more

Best Budget Tube Preamp 2019

A great tube preamp will produce enough of a gain at the front of a circuit. It can clean and improve signals from microphones or other items plugged into it. It won�t be too hard to get a tube preamp to work for your needs but you will have to shop around to see what … Read more