Best Microphone Stands for 2019

I think I know what you�re thinking. Best Microphone Stands? Really?! Wouldn�t a basic, affordable mic stand at the local mart do?

Even if you do not follow the same thought process, the reality is that for most people, a microphone stand is nowhere near the top of their list of equipment to be concerned about when setting up a home recording studio. That is a mistake.

Now, choosing the wrong mic stand isn�t a mistake that would directly cost you money. But it is worse! It’s a rookie error that could significantly limit the quality of your recordings. No kidding!

I know you value the quality of your music: I do too. Therefore, there is no excuse for not paying attention to every detail that can bring out the best in the music you record. And one such detail is your microphone stand.

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Microphone Stand

Part of the reason why a lot of home recording studio owners do not give a moment�s thought to a mic stand is that it appears so basic with a limited function. Its function is to hold microphones. That does not leave wiggle room for plenty of features or the regular bells and whistles you would have to consider and re-consider with, let�s say, a computer.

However, that�s not entirely accurate. Ive detailed (below) a few unassuming but important factors to consider when you are shopping for the best mic stand for your home recording studio.

Microphone Stability

You really wouldn�t notice how important a mic stand is nor how remarkably easy it is to lose your mind until your mic stand can�t stay still and balanced, or the mic can�t fit snugly. These scenarios play out when a mic stand lacks high-end stability.

Therefore, check out the base, holder, clips, and clamps. There are several design styles with very little between them regarding performance, so ensure that the one you choose is perfect for your needs.


The kind of material used does play into how stable a mic stand is, and consequently, factors into the weight of the stand. However, the material used is not the only factor; there is also construction.

What you need is a lightweight stand that you can move around with ease. However, not too light that it affects stability or durability of the stand.

Quality and Durability

The material, design language, construction aptness all factor into the quality of the build of a microphone stand, and by extension, the durability of the microphone stand.

A mic stand is a long-term buy. You would not be replacing it in years, so you have to be sure that it would stand the test of time, from the sturdy frame to the more fragile connectors. You shouldn�t have a reason to worry that you would have to pack it up within months of usage.

If it has a terrific build quality, it will be less likely to incur damage, and certainly, would outlive many other pieces of equipment in your home studios such as monitors or microphones.

In summary, the best microphone stands sport a high-end build, are incredibly stable, are exceptionally durable, and still, manage to be lightweight.

In the section, we review the best microphone stands that are ideal for home recording studios.

Best Microphone Stands for Home Recording

Samson MK-10 Microphone Boom Stand

The Samson MK-10 Microphone Boom Stand is the poster child of what the best mic stand should be. It has both the beauty and the brawn with its sturdy steel construction complemented by a sleek black finish.

Furthermore, it features a collapsible tripod stand, which increases its portability and combined with its lightweight at only 3.5 pounds, I found moving it to be virtually effortless.

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In terms of performance, the stability of the MK-10 stand is outstanding, and it features a mic clip for a firmer grip on the mic. All round, the Samson MK-10 Microphone Boom Stand is a terrific stand that sports all the necessary features you would need a mic stand, and impressively occupies a modest price point.

Best Mic Stand for the Money

Pyle-Pro PMKS3 Tripod Microphone Stand with Extending Boom

The Pyle-Pro PMKS3 Tripod Microphone Stand with an Extending Boom is the most inexpensive mic stand on the list with a fairly low�price tag. However, affordability is not the only strong suit of the PMKS3.

It also features an aesthetic glossy black finish that is just as sturdy as it is lightweight. It sports the standard stand height and boom length adjustment that are fast and smooth as well as knob boom adjustment.

Furthermore, what we love about the PMKS3 is its maximum extension of 5.5 feet (66 inches) in mic stand height and maximum extension of 2.3 feet (28 inches) in boom length.

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Best Lightweight Mic Stand

Pyle-Pro PMKSM20 Microphone and Tripod Stand with Extending Boom and Mic Cable Package.

The Pyle-Pro PMKSM20 Microphone and Tripod Stand with Extending Boom and Mic Cable package is the lightest mic stand on this list weighing only 2.3 pounds. Therefore, if you are big on lightweight, then this is your pick

However it is not only its light weight that is going for it, as it does offer a ton of other impressive features. The first is its sturdy design with a glossy black finish that is just as aesthetically pleasing as it is durable. However, more compelling is its striking �shock mount system� that enhances its stability by cutting down on handling noise.

It also features mic height adjustment, and like the PMKS3 has a maximum height extension of 5.5 feet (66 inches).

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Best Heavy Duty Mic Stand

Pyle-Pro PMKS9 Heavy Duty Compact Base Boom Microphone Stand

Staying true to the �Heavy Duty� description in its model name, the Pyle-Pro PMKS9 Heavy Duty Compact Base Boom Microphone Stand isn�t your average run off the mill mic stand, it is a beast in its own right.

If utmost performance and versatility are your things and you are willing to sacrifice on lightweight, then this is your pick. It weighs 10 pounds, which is by far the weightiest of any mic stand on this list.

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However, that is because it has a quality no other mic stand on this top 4 microphone stands list can lay claim to – Versatility. It is so versatile and its performance is so high-end that it can also be used for live performances in addition to being a terrific mic stand in your home recording studio.

The bulk of the weight owes to its weighted base that offers top-end stability, which adds to the quality of its build and durability. Its maximum boom length also dwarfs that of others on this list at 2.6 feet (31.5 inches).

My Top Recommendation

Certainly, at this point, you appreciate the importance of a quality mic stand, and that negligence can be costly. If you are looking for the best all-around mic stand with all factors including price considered, then the Samson MK-10 Microphone Boom Stand is your best pick.

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