MXL 770 condenser microphone Review

The MXL 770 Recording Bundle�offers many solutions for various audio services such as the condenser, ribbon and dynamic microphone solutions for the studio, podcasting, USB, and field recording. � MXL was founded in 2000 and is currently one of the leading manufacturers in the professional audio devices industry. It’s a company based in California, USA. … Read more

How to Build a Home Recording Studio On a Budget (Under $350)

recording studio

Whether you plan on launching your own podcast, YouTube channel or rock band, creating a home recording studio is a�must�for professional sound quality. This is something I learned the hard way of recording music for YouTube and Band Camp. After investing a little money in some proper equipment, the difference in quality was like night … Read more

Best Microphone Preamp Under 1000

cheap mic preamp

As you look for a�quality mic preamp, you have to look for an option that is affordable as well. I have found three ideal options to consider when finding the best mic preamp under $1000. All of these choices have their own quality features and all are very easy to operate. The amazing part is … Read more