The Importance of Noise Elimination for Studio Monitors

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The sound you get from your sound system is likely to be the very reason you bought it. Having other things in the background can seriously dampen your sound. Because of how much you’ve invested in your system, this is clearly something you don’t want. Noise elimination techniques are used in many different capacities including … Read moreThe Importance of Noise Elimination for Studio Monitors

The Different Microphone Polar Patterns

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Polar patterns of microphones are a representation of a microphone’s sensitivity to the sound relative to the angle or direction from which it receives the sound. In simpler words, a polar pattern decides how well the microphone will hear the sound from various directions. This is known as the directionality of a microphone, and different … Read moreThe Different Microphone Polar Patterns

CAD GXL2200 Review

The GXL2200 is an advanced cardioid condenser microphone manufactured by CAD Audio. The company was originally founded in 1931 and was previously known as the Astatic Corporation. Initially, it focused on producing static-free microphones and then went on to introduce different microphones that had a crystal appearance along with recording heads and pickups for photographs. … Read moreCAD GXL2200 Review

Best XLR Cables for the Money 2018 Reviews & Guide

At first, an XLR cable would appear to be just a fancy variation of a regular cable. I’m pleased to announce to you that an XLR cable is much more than a “fancy variation,” it is the gold standard. That’s why professionals use it for varying purposes, including lighting, video, and audio equipment setups. Its … Read moreBest XLR Cables for the Money 2018 Reviews & Guide

Open-Back Headphones vs. Closed-Back Headphones

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  This debate is purely over the types of over-ear or circumaural headphones, which are closed-back and open-back headphones. As you can probably guess by the name, these two categories are based on the difference in their form factor. Open-back headphones are designed such that the outer shell of the ear-cups is perforated in some way. … Read moreOpen-Back Headphones vs. Closed-Back Headphones