Best Studio Headphones for the Money

Perhaps the most important understanding to have is that the best studio headphones are headphones that are designed from the ground-up for one purpose only—studio usage. Therefore, that quality 3-figure earbud headphone that you can’t seem to stop yapping about wouldn’t cut it in the studio space. It is like a square peg in a … Read more

Open-Back Headphones vs. Closed-Back Headphones

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This debate is purely over the types of over-ear or circumaural headphones, which are closed-back and open-back headphones. As you can probably guess by the name, these two categories are based on the difference in their form factor. Open-back headphones are designed such that the outer shell of the ear-cups is perforated in some way. These … Read more

Best Headphones for Recording Vocals

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When planning to record music, one of the important things is a good pair of high-quality�studio�headphones because they give you the freedom to listen to your vocals at maximum quality. Now it is even harder to choose a great pair of headphones for your home studio due to many brands entering the market and I … Read more

Different Types of Studio Headphones: Circumaural Headphones vs. Supra Aural Headphones

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If�you are�researching to purchase a new set of headphones, the chances are high that you have run into new terms and names during this process. Circumaural and supra-aural are two terms that are often thrown around by experts and manufacturers, but most consumers aren�t aware of them or don’t fully understand them. It’s not as … Read more