CAD GXL2200 Review

The GXL2200 is an advanced cardioid condenser microphone manufactured by CAD Audio. The company was originally founded in 1931 and was previously known as the Astatic Corporation.

Initially, it focused on producing static-free microphones and then went on to introduce different microphones that had a crystal appearance along with recording heads and pickups for photographs.

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It has come a long way since then and has acquired quite the reputation in the commercial market for microphones. Currently, it has made available four series of products amongst which are its excellent quality�mics. The GXL2200 is part of its GXL series and has received overall good reviews from many in the recording industry

CAD GXL2200 Features

CAD Audio has introduced its GXL2200 condenser mic with some fantastic features. One of its primary features is its polar pattern. The microphone has a cardioid pattern, which means it is highly sensitive at the front.

This makes it fit for vocals and instruments such as a piano as well as live applications. It has a large diameter, and its dimension specifics are 14 x 4.2 x 3.5 inches. It weighs only 1.9 pounds as well.

A second feature it possesses is its frequency range. The GXL2200 model supports frequencies ranging from 30 Hz to 20 kHz.

Another significant feature of this model is the modest presence peaks that arise around 6 kHz and 12 kHz.

Moreover, the capsule inside the GXL2200 has a one-inch diaphragm, which is of gold vapor embedded in the center and thus, requires 48 volts phantom in power. It is what allows the mic to withstand SPLs up to 135 dB and provide users with a quality experience.

Furthermore, the microphone has a condenser that is externally biased. The model also comes with a shock mount which is a life saver since it protects from damage and helps clarify the sound quality.

The shock mount has been designed in such a way that it will work well with any ordinary microphone stand with 5/8 x 27 inches dimension specifics.


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  • One-inch diaphragm.
  • The shock mount is included.
  • The sound it emits is not only clear but also quite rich
  • Possesses a high-pass filter, embedded internally.
  • Alluring design and structure
  • Has a fine finish
  • Reasonably priced
  • Good frequency range.
  • Easy to use; just plug and play.



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  • No storage bag for the shock mount, but it does arrive with a bag for the mic.
  • The construction of the body has been found to be faulty at times, but this is unusual since most users have had no complaints with the body or performance of the mic.
  • Picks up even minor background noise, but this just reflects its high sensitivity



The GXL2200 microphone is a modern-day microphone built with a pleasing design and excellent structure. It has an external condenser and a cardioid pattern of direction, which allows it to be an all-purpose mic suitable to be used not just for vocal recordings but also with acoustic instruments, pianos, and live applications.

It supports a good frequency range and includes a shock mount. With such great features, it is sold at a surprisingly reasonable price, which results in the product exceeding customer expectations.

CAD GXL2200 Review � Wrap-up

The GXL2200 microphone by CAD Audio has been well-received by audio lovers. Most audiophiles have found its quality to be exceptional and all the while the price is still quite affordable. Several users perceive the experience worthwhile and have felt that the sound the microphone emits is quite clear and authentic.

With the overall�sound quality, I am quite impressed whether, for vocal and instrument or just acoustic instruments, this condenser mic is decent enough to handle the job.

Unlike other microphones, the GXL2200 has had nothing but good reviews from anyone who has ever had the opportunity to use it.

Its cardioid directional characteristic reduces noise and enables the device to be multifunctional, which allows users to connect the mic to various instruments and still get a crisp sound and an excellent experience.

Because the mic possesses a one-inch gold vapor diaphragm, it allows high levels of SPL to be handled. Moreover, the directional sensitivity of the CAD GXL2400�has been appreciated by several users, and the inclusion of an elastic shock mount and a protective bag has made customers overjoyed.

Overall, the microphone is considered to be easy to use and have an attractive structure, which encouraged me to purchase this model.

When the mic was released, it was claimed to be suitable for all purposes and users have realized that CAD Audio has delivered on this promise. The apparatus, though, is mostly used by novice voiceover actors and home studios since it offers great features at a good price.

Can also be used as a good studio mic or studio condenser. I hope you found this review helpful and thanks for reading.

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