Best Recording Microphones

If you are contemplating getting a new microphone, there are a number of features and factors that you will have to take into account. Acquiring knowledge about the specifications that need to be checked, and the features that you need to pay attention to will ensure that you purchase a microphone that is apt for … Read more

The Different Microphone Polar Patterns

polar patterns

Polar patterns of microphones are a representation of a microphone�s sensitivity to the sound relative to the angle or direction from which it receives the sound. In simpler words, a polar pattern decides how well the microphone will hear the sound from various directions. This is known as the directionality of a microphone, and different … Read more

CAD GXL2200 Review

The GXL2200 is an advanced cardioid condenser microphone manufactured by CAD Audio. The company was originally founded in 1931 and was previously known as the Astatic Corporation. Initially, it focused on producing static-free microphones and then went on to introduce different microphones that had a crystal appearance along with recording heads and pickups for photographs. … Read more

Blue Yeti vs Audio Technica AT2020

In this post, I will do a quick comparison between the Blue Yeti USB microphone and the Audio Technica AT2020 -� both are top-selling microphones and well known in the recording industry. Whether you are looking for the best microphone for your youtube channel, podcast, vlogging or even voice-over work this article is for you. … Read more