LyxPro XLR Cable Review

Based in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, LyxPro is a company that is quickly making a name for itself. Admittedly, LyxPro is a newcomer in this niche, but judging by the quality of their products you would peg it down as an industry leader.

One product that surprised me is the Balanced XLR 20 ft Premium Series Cable. One of the biggest advantages of this high-quality cable is that it can be used with�microphones,�speakers, and other such audio products.

LyxPro XLR Cable Review

LyxPro XLR Cable Features

The quality of the Balanced XLR 20 ft Premium Series Cable is unmatched and unrivaled.

Made from premium quality raw materials, the Balanced XLR 20 is perfect for all audio applications, including (but not limited to) live concerts, professional album recordings, connecting microphones to an audio amplifier, and linking mixers to audio speakers.

What I like about the Balanced XLR 20 ft cable is that the cable has two polyvinyl chloride conductors acting as inner shields. This cable also has a 98% braided shield made from cotton wrap which suppresses noise and reduces background sounds so that the final audio you hear is perfect. This allows the Lyxpro XLR Cable to deliver an unforgettable experience as far as audio quality is concerned.

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As mentioned above, the Balanced XLR 20 ft Premium Series Cable has a 98% braided shield. This means that these cables can also substitute for your DMX lighting cables. This further adds to the functionality of these cables and make them a must buy.


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  • Manufactured from the best quality raw materials
  • Perfect for concerts, album recordings, and connecting instruments to amplifiers
  • Can be used for DMX lighting applications
  • Significantly reduces unwanted background noise and sound
  • The cable can sustain a lot of strain
  • Five-year product warranty
  • The cable is available in 15 different sizes ranging from 1.5 feet to 100 feet



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  • There have been reports of a faint yet distinct rumble at low-frequency range



There is no doubt in my mind that the Balanced XLR 20 ft Premium Series Cable is one of the best products LyxPro has produced. Whether you’re a professional musician or have your recording studio, you cannot find a better audio cable than the Balanced XLR Cable at this price range.


LyxPro XLR Cable Review � Wrap Up

The Balanced XLR 20 ft Premium Series Cable is a testament to how far LyxPro has come in the recent years. What started as a small-scale company has quickly transformed into a worldwide juggernaut.

There is nothing that I can fault LyxPro for as the Balanced XLR 20 ft Cable delivers all that is expected from audio cables and then some. The quality and performance level of the Cable is enhanced by its cost-effectiveness, which means that it is the perfect product for you to buy.

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