Blue Yeti vs Audio Technica AT2020

In this post, I will do a quick comparison between the Blue Yeti USB microphone and the Audio Technica AT2020 -� both are top-selling microphones and well known in the recording industry.

Whether you are looking for the best microphone for your youtube channel, podcast, vlogging or even voice-over work this article is for you. I will be comparing these two microphones based on:

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  • Features
  • Sound Quality
  • Price range
  • Design and overall


I will cut the intro short and get to the meaty part because I am sure you are probably familiar with both these microphones due to their popularity in the market

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

One of the most popular affordable USB�microphones in the market. In fact, most expert refers to it as “The best UBS Mic” of all times within the price range you get for blue yeti.

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One of the best thing that I like with�blue yeti is how easy the setup is. All you have to do is plug and start using

It is commonly used for various jobs including:

  • Youtube
  • Live Streaming
  • Podcasting
  • vlogging
  • Voice-overs

The design is incredibly stunning with an elegant metal design which comes�in different colors which gives you a wide range of options to choose a color that suits your whole setup and preferences.

I am actually surprised by how inexpensive this microphone is, in relation to the quality it brings to the table. In fact, I’ve seen microphones that are more expensive talking about double or even triple the price of the Yeti and yet can’t seem to match up in terms of quality.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some microphones that blow�blue yeti out of the water but in this price range, it has a few competitors like At2020 which I will cover later in this post.

It is very simple to use, and you probably won’t need any additional software to start using this mic. Now what makes a great microphone is two things in my opinion which are:

  1. Clear Crisp High-Quality Sound Output
  2. Easy setup ( I generally don’t like installing additional things before using the mic)

It’s not so surprising that blue yeti seems to have both in abundance. Don’t get me wrong because blue yeti does have some areas they can improve in, but Thus far I am satisfied with the overall quality. In fact, I will be comparing both mics at the end and giving my personal rating.

Audio Technica At2020

Popular condenser microphone that has made it to the top of the charts in the condenser mic industry.

Note: this is an Xlr mic which means you will need to get 48 volts of phantom power in order for to function appropriately, other than that one of the best and I would confidently recommend this mic

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This microphone is for people who want to:

  • Start a Serious Youtube Channel
  • Vlogging
  • Recording music( singing, rapping, instruments)
  • doing voice-over work
  • podcasting

The design of the mic is just drop dead amazing, with an all-metal body and the even the mount id metal, it gives it a premium look and feels like no other mic in the price range.

Sound quality is incredible, clean and crisp with a frequency response of 20-Hertz to 20kilohertz which ensures nothing but amazing sound quality. I believe this is built for professional recording and if you are serious about what you are doing At2020 is designed and made for you.

Blue Yeti vs At2020 Side By Side Comparison.


One thing blue yeti can pride themselves on is having incredible amazing features, it contains a built-in mute button and direct headphone volume monitoring, a headset volume button. It also uses about four recording polar patterns which is great because sound can be picked up from different angles.

Whereas the At2020 lacks a bit in terms of features, there is room for improvement in this section, however, there is a premium version which is much more costly that does have really cool features. Audio Technica�At2020 also uses a cardioid recording pattern.


If you are looking for built-in features without spending extra cash then Blue Yeti is your choice.

Sound Quality:

When it comes to how to the microphone sounds, it’s really hard to pick a winner however based on overall quality, Audio Technica seems to crash Blue yeti in this regard. With At2020 you can do a lot more with your voice and sound as if you added some effects whereas with Yeti, there is less you can do other than using your normal voice which works incredibly great too.

At2020 can handle high-frequencies smoother than Blue yeti, but blue yeti offers a great balance between low and high frequencies.

At2020 seems to be more smoother and crisp sounding whereas Blue yeti sounds more fuller.

Now, what makes Audio Technica At2020 a top performer is the fact that it is a perfect studio condenser mic meaning you can do a lot more with it, including singing, recording instruments and even rappers prefer it.


Without a doubt, At2020 comes up on top here. If you are just looking for a great mic to record your voice other than music and all that other stuff, then blue yeti will certainly cut it.


This is where both microphones seem to match up. Both mics are made of metal which looks elegant and feels incredibly great, blue yeti come in different colors which is great if you are looking to match up your studio�or your studio headphones.


As expected I am going to call this a tie.

Price range:

Most people are really tight on budget and are just looking for something decent at a decent price so the price is important to most people. Both mics are priced reasonably and are very affordable, however blue yeti is a lot cheaper because it doesn’t require additional accessories to function like XLR cable whereas AT2020 requires these cable.

Final thoughts

Both microphones are incredible and whichever one you decide to buy, you won’t have any regret. I would say go for Blue Yeti if you don’t have a unlimited budget and if you do, definitely At2020 is worth it.

Looking to setup your wireless mic? here is a quick guide to do it.

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